Our Services

serBr3akfree is registered by the Care Quality Commission, and therefore licensed to provide Personal Care services to adults including the elderly.

We are conveniently located in Barking town centre, two minutes from the train / underground station.

Offering an 8.00am to 8.00pm service everyday of the week, all year round except for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year Day, Br3akfree provides quality care to customers in the following areas:
1. Outreach Day Care Services;

2. A range of Domiciliary / Personal Care Services

3. Support for Young People
4. Short Br3aks / Holidays

Outreach Day Care Services

This provides quality support by offering exciting opportunities to stimulate and interest each individual in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our customers participate in a range of meaningful activities carefully designed around their needs and preferences, both on an individual basis, and in small group settings, at our base but mainly in the community. In addition, we provide combinations of structured and flexible programmes, to suit the needs and choices of our customers.

Br3akfree is a community based resource situated within Greater London, in Barking. Our resource is self-contained over 3 floors, but is wheelchair accessible to the ground floor. The location, close to the Town Centre, is ideal for users of our outreach day care services to access and enjoy the local scene and to be an integral part of the community. Our service users experience and

participate in the active and bustling daily life of the area, while pursuing individual interests, thereby providing opportunities to develop new skills and interests.

Domiciliary / Personal Care Services

The location in Barking, Essex, is also the base from which we operate our various Domiciliary / Home Care services. Our home care services, enable individuals to live in the environment they know best and with the people they love most, with minimal or no disruption to existing routines and lifestyles. We are committed to working with all our customers, their carers / families and their circle of support e.g. GPs etc to provide the best service in the home. The Domiciliary / Personal Care services we provide include:


  •  Hourly Visiting Home Care
  •  Live-in Care
  •  Respite Care in the Home
  • Support for Younger People
  • Short Breaks, Holidays

At Br3akfree, we pride ourselves on quality service parameters built around our customers. These include:



This is because we recognise that individuals do not necessarily fit into standard models and structures, and therefore we aim to operate flexibly, by offering services on a 7 day weekly basis, enabling individuals to enjoy our facilities and services on a full time, and part time basis throughout the year.


Outcome Focussed Quality Standards

We pride ourselves in working towards outcome focussed quality standards, and ensure that our well trained staff are aware, and are committed to promoting these standards for our customers. Our standards are at the heart of the support we provide, and are designed to enable our customers to:

  •  Make everyday choices.
  •  Make important decisions about their lives
  •  Feel confident that they are treated with respect.
  • Take part in everyday activities.
  • Be a part of their community.
  • Make friends and maintain relationships
  • Have the opportunity to experience work and to make decisions about working.
  •  Feel safe and to be protected from abuse.
  •  Be assisted to stay healthy.