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Hourly Visiting Home Care

Our Hourly visiting Home Care service is designed for people who require help to live independently in their home. This means that we will be there to support you in your own home based on your needs.

We know that everyone is different, so we run a flexible service by taking time to understand and meet your specific needs. This can be for only an hour a day or week or for more than an hour. Our aim is to provide you with on-going assistance and support based on your requirements, without disrupting your existing routines or lifestyles.

Br3akfree Hourly Visiting Care covers personal care, companionship and a lot more. Thus a visit to a customers home can involve our home carers in providing you with personal care including helping you to bathe and get dressed at the beginning of the day or at anytime you choose your incontinence care, and getting you ready for bed.

We can help with doing household chores ranging from preparing / cooking meals, cleaning, doing your laundry, doing the shopping with or without you, going with you to visit friends and family, collect prescriptions, assisting with your medication etc