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Personalised Care

At Br3akfree our outcome focused quality support, places you, the service user at its centre; and our well trained staff ensure that we involve you at every stage of your support / care planning so that you are in control and able to manage both your health and social needs.

We focus on your individual needs, and our services are tailored to reflect your choices and preferences as well as those of your carers and other professionals involved in your care.

We take a holistic approach to outcome focused work, by working with you, your circle of support and other stakeholders as appropriate, to deliver a high level of person centred support.

We seek outcomes that bring about positive changes in your life including outcomes that assist you to maintain and minimise risks to your safety, welfare and well being.
We believe that it is through person centred support planning and services that you can be empowered to achieve, maintain and enhance your personal choices and independence.

Our home care services, enable individuals to live in the environment they know best and with the people they love most, with minimal or no disruption to existing routines and lifestyles.

We are completely committed to working with all our customers, their carers / families and their circle of support e.g. GPs etc to provide the best quality service of their choice in their own home.