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Outreach Day Care

Through a range of meaningful activities designed around the needs and preferences of service users with learning disabilities, both on an individual basis, and in small group settings, at our base but mainly in the community, Br3akfree supports and promotes opportunities to help you to develop and acquire skills and to promote your independence.

Br3akfree has established links with mainstream and private and voluntary agencies to enable access to sporting and recreation facilities within the borough. Our annual Summer Sports Day is a popular event supported and sponsored by one of our commissioning Boroughs, and attended by service users from other organisations.

Staff support service users to participate in guided walks, cycling, gardening, sightseeing, visiting places of interests, and participating in other day-to-day activities that are part of everyday life. We ensure that all our users enjoy social events and activities during day and evening by providing escorting, supporting and transporting services.


Outreach Day Care services offer the following:

Daily living and Occupational Skills

Activities include, cooking, baking, literacy and numeracy, handling money, shopping and use of multi-media. Staff work with professionals and carers to support individuals to access and participate in more formal training, as well as supporting continuity in personal care and hygiene routines.
We support individuals to access work placements and employment opportunities where appropriate, through provision of the necessary practical assistance and by linking in with mainstream, as well as private and voluntary Employer and Training Organisations.

Sensory and Physical Stimulation

Br3akfree offers sensory stimulation, suited to the needs and choice of the user, and based on professional assessment and evaluation. Offering in our Sensory Room, the latest in multi-sensory environment. We aim to offer each user a stress free, relaxing and stimulating experience.
We have established relationships with mainstream and private & voluntary health focused organisations, to support our service users to access and benefit from these resources.

Emotional Support

Staff are trained to provide emotional support where required. We provide opportunities for our service users to communicate the need for this, and encourage and support each person in receiving the appropriate support and means of delivery.

Music Therapy, ARTS & CRAFT

We have a regular music therapist for Individual and group sessions using a range of skills and instruments. Our service users attend sessions with the London Symphony Orchestra, and they also participate in community dance sessions and events.
A range of Arts and Crafts activities are offered to assist, support and enhance service users creativity and expression, as well as producing positive outcomes.
We strive to ensure that the ethos and culture of our services are inclusive, so that all service users are integrated into the excellent facilities and services we offer.